Jennifer Scott

Created to Create Studios, LLC

Chicago, IL USA

Jennifer Scott is a self-taught artist who started using art to express what it feels like to live with chronic illness and chronic pain. She found that “showing” people her symptoms was easier than struggling to communicate the pain and frustration through words alone. Over the years, the subjects of her pieces have expanded far beyond her original “Expressions of Lyme Disease,” and now includes cityscapes inspired by her hometown of Chicago, spiritual pieces inspired by her own walk with God, people, landscapes, florals, abstracts and acrylic pours. Unlike most artists, Jennifer admits that she does not have a standout “signature” style or technique. Instead, she loves to explore with all different media, styles, and subject matter. In 2017, Jennifer developed and implemented “Created to Create Ministries,” a local ministry that facilitates the exploration of individual creativity through various art projects and culminates with discussions of spiritual importance - teaching the values of kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy, and beautiful acceptance of self and others. It is her deepest desire to help others connect with God and community through the freedom and joy of creativity! Jennifer is an Artist Member of the Oak Park Art League and Niles Art Guild. You can view Jennifer Scott’s current portfolio by visiting ARTIST STATEMENT: From broken and lost; to purpose and identity – my work is a visual diary of reinventing myself and rebuilding my life. When a diagnosis of a life-altering illness left me bedridden and searching for my lost identity, a childhood passion resurfaced. In frustration, I dragged out old supplies and started drawing the symptoms that I couldn’t seem to verbally express. In that moment, my passion for art was reborn! While my pieces are mostly acrylic on canvas, my eager creative spirit loves to explore working with all media. My body of work is not as cohesive as most artists – but either is my life. When my illness has gotten the best of me, I paint my darkness and pain. “Trapped Within,” “My Cocoon,” and “What They Don’t See,” are all expressions of the pain and isolation that come during my flares. When I am reflective, I let the colors of my mood flow out in abstract form, as you will see in “The Colors Through Which I Walk.” “Destination Unknown” was born out of the uncertainty of my life going forward, desperately trying to live within my “new normal.” “Family Forest” articulates my deep connection with family – deeply intertwined roots, individual strength, and branches that continue to reach for each other in the growth – yet entangled in the core values and beliefs we grew from. When I am playful, I paint random silly stuff. When I am at perfect peace, I create spiritual pieces or the beauty I see in Creation. As a mostly self-taught artist, I decided to take a drawing class to improve my basic skills, resulting in “Apple Peels” and ‘Squash.” My subject matter and style of my art is as unpredictable, chaotic and varied as living my life with chronic illness. My art is my therapy. My art keeps me alive.

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